Experience is vital when you are on the hunt for your dream job, and it can be a tricky situation for those who are just finishing school. How do you get the experience that you need to qualify for these positions? We have got you covered. Most of our diploma programs come with an internship so that you can get the working experience you need to qualify for those opportunities. When you enroll in a diploma program at Atlantic Business College, you are assigned to one of our Employment Specialists. They will be there to assist you and guide you throughout your program, as you set out to find and complete your placement, and even after you have graduated and found employment.

During placement, your Employment Specialist will welcome you to an Orientation, a presentation to get you ready for your upcoming placement. You will discuss what are the eligibility requirements for job placement. The employment specialist will guide you with the process and helps the student in preparing and successfully cracking the interview. All these courses provide an opportunity for students to broaden their skills through their career. They can gain industry experience, improve their employability, network with professionals in their field, as well as completing the academic requirements for their program. 

During Orientation, your Employment Specialist will provide you with a list of prospective employers who offer jobs from your specific program, as well as a form with extremely specific questions on it. This form is to ensure that the perfect match is being made between employee and employer.


The end of your course signals the end of your program, and this means that it’s time to step foot into the real world and the workforce. Believe us when we say that we won’t let you leave ABC without fully preparing you for the job in your field and our Employment Specialists are here to help you along the way. 

Each student can contact an Employment Specialist who will work to find their student the right job in the field. As a student, you will gain knowledge and skills to conduct independent job searches from your Employment Specialist as well. 

We do not let you step into an interview without some preparation, so our staff will also help you prepare for your big one-on-one with a potential employer through mock interviews. Atlantic Business College has a graduate placement rate of 85% and those graduates have found jobs they love in the field of their choice. Now, doesn’t that number speak success?

 How Does One-on-One Job Placement Work?

We are here to give you support. Employment Specialists can help you design your resume to reflect your new skills and abilities, and help you get ahead with an interview process. The practice you obtain from an interview session can help relieve that anxiety that we all used to get before the interview.

Once you land your dream job, your Employment Specialist will celebrate your success with you. As a graduate, you are invited back to your campus to be congratulated and to ring a bell that signifies your new employment. Your success is our success. 

If you ever need career advice or guidance, just reach out to your Employment Specialist. They will be there to support you now and in the future.

Employers: You will benefit from students' skills and fresh ideas, cost-effective recruitment, exposure for your business and engagement with Atlantic Business College

Students: You will graduate with great skills and relevant work experience, contacts in your field and a better chance of career success right after graduation.

To find out more about ABC’s work placement, contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.