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International Graduates from the Atlantic Business College will avail Work Permit through NBPNP Program

International Graduates from the Atlantic Business College will avail the Work Permit.

This is a unique work permit under the Pilot Project initiative of the Opportunities New Brunswick Immigration, Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Department.

The highlights of this special Work Permit are:

  • The Work Permit will be for Long Term and will allow the students to Work and Live in the province while they wait for their Permanent Residency.
  • The students graduating starting April 1, 2022 from the Atlantic Business College will be able to apply to the Provincial Nominee Program for their Work Permit, it will be a direct pathway to Permanent Residency.
  • The students enrolling for Sep 2021, completing their program as on April 1, 2022 or after will be eligible for this Special Pilot Work Permit.
  • This Program has been targeted to Certain occupations/Programs and we are delighted to announce that Atlantic Business College has majority of these programs that will make students eligible for this Special Pilot Work Permit.
List of Programs covered under New Pilot Occupations list for Work Permit, PNP and PR:
  • Medical/Dental Executive Assistant-2 Years
  • Personal Support Worker-1 Year
  • Dental Administrative Assistant-1 Year
  • Medical Administrative Assistant-1 Year
  • Early childhood education-1 Year
  • Educational Assistant- 1 Year
  • Early childhood and Educational Assistant-1 Year
  • Accounting & Payroll Administration-1 Year
  • Home care attendant-1 Year
  • Resident attendant-1 Year
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics-1 Year (PG Diploma)
  • Dental and Medical Adm Assistant- 1 Year
  • Child and Youth Care Worker-3 Years
  • Mobile Application Design and Development(Web)- 2 Years
  • Video Game Development- 3 Years
  • Accounting Technicians and Bookkeepers-2 Years
  • Web Designers and Developers-3 Years
  • Computer Network Technicians-2 Years
  • User Support Technicians-1 Year
  • Paramedics-2 Years
  • Shipper and Receivers-1 Year
  • Production Logistic-1 Year
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