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We are accepting applications for Domestic and International Students for 2025 Intakes (January, May, September).

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ABC is DLI (Designated Learning Institutions) Approved.

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Atlantic Business College

Now accepting applications!

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Our top priority is the safety and well-being of the atlantic business college community.


Atlantic Business College has many qualified experienced instructors to help guide you through your educational journey. With no classes on Friday, no waiting lists and a very friendly environment your educational journey will also be enjoyable.


We offer programs in Administration, Management and Social Services. Programs begin in January, May and September. Our schooling provides students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary for success. Once you have completed your program, employment assistance is available.


Administrative Assistant; Dental/Medical Administrative Assistant; Paralegal/Legal Assistant; Accounting & Payroll Administration; Business Management;  Policing & Security Foundations;             Early Childhood Education/ Educational Assistant

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand

Why Choose Us?

Atlantic Business College has been offering one to three years programs in a variety of disciplines since 1977. Students have come to Atlantic Business College from all walks of life and with a wide array of educational and professional backgrounds with a common goal…to obtain a Diploma that was going to help them find fulfilling employment. With a variety of diploma programs to choose from, students have the opportunity to find the “right fit” and train in a field that will lead them to successful employment. Each full-time program has an on-the-job training component which provides the student with the opportunity to use the skills and competencies they have learned at Atlantic Business College. 

Industry Leaders

Students are matched with participating employers for work placements on the basis of several factors, which include skill level in critical areas, attitude, interpersonal skills, and initiative. Work placement can lead to continuing employment.

Diploma Programs

ABC offers training in a variety of Administrative, Business, Early Childhood, Educational Assistant and Policing and Security Foundations programs. ABC provides over 1000 hours of program time in each of our 2 semester programs.

Community Environment

Our college has a community based environment. Small classes allow for increased interaction between instructors and fellow students resulting in a small town atmosphere.


Life is a journey. Get the best start.

1,394 Ratings
Google Reviews
“We did an accident scene and we had to measure the scene. We had to take photographs. It was so exciting. I was in university before I came here, in my class I had 500 students whereas this class is down to 9. We got more one on one time with the teacher and we also got one on one time with the students.”
- Samantha-Lee Quiriple, Policing & Security Foundations
“It’s very hands on and you learn a lot You got to experience being in a placement and be in the actual setting of what you’re learning. The instructors are very talented here- and our very understanding of issues and very easy going. If you don’t understand something you can easily ask for extra help.”
- Shayla Carroll, Administrative Assistant
“Atlantic Business College gives more opportunity to connect to local people, it’s a good place to improve yourself especially for foreign students or international people. ABC has quick ways to grasp skills and grasp confidence. I highly recommend this college to anyone interested”
- Haihong Xu, Paralegal/Legal Assistant

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