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Our Career Services department is here for you throughout your entire process of finding a job.

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What is the Career Services Department?

The Career Services Department connects employers and job seekers with the right tools and services, in order to promote industry growth and career success. At Atlantic Business College, Career Services provides career education for current students and helps support recent graduates and alumni in starting their career. We help you to explore your career options, find work and get hired, and plan your future. We will work with you to ensure that you have all the required professional skills you need and search out the opportunities that are right for you. When you graduate from ABC, you will be ready to pursue your dreams!
Career, Internship and Employment Counselling.

Career, Internship and Employment Counselling

Our Career Counsellors can help you explore your career options, discover your career direction, and plan your education. Our Employment Consultants provide job search support by helping you learn new job search strategies....

Employers and Industry partners

If you are an employer interested in hiring a co-op student or graduate, Atlantic Business College has the right talent pool for you. The employers who are looking to hire a student or graduate can fill a form at this link………….. Our Career Services department can connect you with eager, talented.....

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