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Home Care Attendant

Home Care Attendant-1 Year

Home care attendant vocation assists with the tasks of daily living and may work in-home care settings. The job description will always vary, but in general, some of the common duties are “Providing personal care and companionship for children, seniors, persons with disabilities and convalescent clients. Care is provided within the client’s residence, in which the home care attendant may also reside.”


Fredericton, NB  Canada

Full Time

1 years (2 semesters)

Knowledge and Skills

Graduates are required to possess a skill set of abilities that will enable them to perform their job effectively. These abilities include:

  • Overall competency in working under pressure;
  • Experience in providing general care and support;
  • Knowledge of home care services;
  • Proficient in a written communication; and
  • Proficient in oral communication.
Illustrative Job titles
  • family ( Child) caregiver
  • home support worker
  • housekeeper
  • live-in caregiver – seniors
  • personal aide – home support
  • personal care attendant – home care


Students must meet one (1) of the following admission requirements:
  • High school graduation or
  • GED or equivalent or
  • Mature student – Detailed resume outlining experience and qualifications must be submitted.
    Semester 1
  • PSW Foundations
  • College English
  • Safety and Mobility
  • Body Systems
  • Assisting with Personal Hygiene
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Household Management, Nutrition, and Hydration
  • Care Planning / Restorative Care / Documentation / Working in the Community
  • Assisting the Family, Growth, and Development
  • Assisting the Dying Person
  • Assisting with Medications
Semester 2
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Issues and Brain Injuries
  • Health Conditions
  • Canadian System and Work Ethics
  • Legal Obligations and Duty to Report
  • First Aid – Emergency Advanced Level Certificate
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Incident Management Systems (IMS) – Basic Concepts
  • Mitigation and Prevention Strategies
  • Rescue and Recovery
  • Career Development and Personal Protection

Healthcare & social services


Tuition: $9695.00

Textbooks: $1750.00 plus 5% tax

  1. Minimum mark of 70% in each Module with no evaluation method below 70%.
  2. Minimum mark of 70% with no critical deficiencies in each of the Skills Performance Demonstrations.
  3. Demonstrate a satisfactory attendance record by completion of the PSW Attendance Form to be kept in the student’s file. All students must complete the 390 practicum hours.  If for any reason time is missed, it must be made up and documented.
  4. Successful completion of all clinical work placement hours and skills requirements.
  5. Successful completion of the NACC PSW Final Comprehensive Theory Examination (pass mark 65%).
  6. Resume that the student intends to use for job search.
Program Fees

This fee is for:  Administration, Management, and Social Service Programs

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