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Resident Attendant

Resident Attendant-1 Year

Due to the aging population in North America in general and here in Canada to be specific and the commitment from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Resident Care to provide long term care beds, there is an increasing demand for trained administrators and managers. This diploma program targets the skills & knowledge necessary for managers/administrators working in this sector and provides students with an understanding of the long-term resident care industry.

This diploma program is ideal for those candidates with an academic background or managerial experience in a related health or business discipline. The competency-based curriculum will prepare the students for a challenging, dynamic management career in a recognized sector.

Graduates find work as administrators, managers in the healthcare industry (i.e., residents, hospitals, long-term resident care facilities, community-based agencies, the Ministry of Health, paramedic services, etc.).

Knowledge and Skills


Fredericton, NB Canada

Full Time

1 years (2 semesters)
At the completion of this course, the students will be able to:
  • Describe the evolution and funding of long-term resident care in Canada
  • Explain the status of long-term resident care today and the issues it faces
  • Describe ethical concerns common to long-term care resident care settings and approaches for dealing with such concerns
  • Identify challenges related to mental health in long-term resident care
  • Recognize the importance of strategic planning
  • Implement tools and techniques to make quality improvements
  • Use common communication and decision-making models to improve your leadership skills


Students must meet one (1) of the following admission requirements:
  • High school graduation or
  • GED or equivalent or
  • Mature student – Detailed resume outlining experience and qualifications must be submitted.
    Semester 1
  • Fundamentals in Long-Term Resident Care
  • Fundamentals in older-adult health
  • Leadership in Healthcare- Managerial Perspectives and Applications
  • Strategic management: quality, standards, and performance
  • Communication skills in the workplace
Semester 2
  • Career management principles
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Computer literacy
  • Fundamentals in Community-based long-term resident care and Transitional Long-term resident care
Healthcare & social services


Tuition: $9695.00

Textbooks: $1750.00 plus 5% tax

  1. Minimum mark of 70% in each Module with no evaluation method below 70%.
  2. Minimum mark of 70% with no critical deficiencies in each of the Skills Performance Demonstrations.
  3. Demonstrate a satisfactory attendance record by completion of the PSW Attendance Form to be kept in the student’s file. All students must complete the 390 practicum hours.  If for any reason time is missed, it must be made up and documented.
  4. Successful completion of all clinical work placement hours and skills requirements.
  5. Successful completion of the NACC PSW Final Comprehensive Theory Examination (pass mark 65%).
  6. Resume that the student intends to use for job search.
Program Fees

This fee is for:  Administration, Management, and Social Service Programs

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