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Video Game Development

Video Game Development - 3 Years

The Video Game Development diploma program offers the chance to build a gaming portfolio; students will also participate in a 16-week internship for hands-on experience.As a game developer you will be a leader of innovation in the digital game and interactive media industry.


  • Explore, experience, and develop skills in all major game development areas including design, art, programming and production.
  • Hundreds of hours of hands-on, applied learning in state-of-the-art computer labs with dual full HD monitors.
  • Curriculum focused on game programming and scripting, digital art production techniques, game design principles and game production practices.
  • Full access to industry leading programming, art, design, and production game development tools.
  • Practical individual and collaborative game development experience, culminating in a team project to conceive, design, develop and showcase an original game.


Fredericton, NB  Canada

Full Time

  • Artificial intelligence programming
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Environment and character modelling
  • Game concept art and design
  • Game graphics programming
  • Game level layout and design
  • Game production and development
  • Gameplay programming
  • Lighting design
  • Online/network programming
  • Special effects art
  • User interface programming and design
3 years (6 semesters)
  • Analyze the differences in game genres in order to develop games that meet the needs of specific markets
  • Analyze the history of video games to compare various approaches to game development
  • Support the development of games by identifying and relating concepts from a range of industry roles—programming, design, and art
  • Contribute as an individual and a member of a game development team to the effective completion of a game development project
  • Develop strategies for ongoing personal and professional development to enhance work performance in the games industry
  • Perform all work in compliance with relevant statutes, regulations, legislation, industry standards and codes of ethics
  • Apply conceptual game design elements to support the ongoing iteration, creation, programming, design, and development of games
  • Apply practical game design elements to support the ongoing iteration, creation, programming, design and developing of unique gaming environments, levels, characters, assets and props as an individual and a member of a team and provide leadership as required
  • Apply programming principles and techniques to create operational games or game components
  • Apply artificial intelligence and/or network implementation strategies to support real-time game environments and simulations
  • Utilize game engine functionality at an advanced level to support real-time games and simulations
  • Create original game props, characters and assets based on the concepts and requirements outlined in game design documents
  • Contribute to world building and level design, including using a game engine
  • Conceive, prototype, develop, test, and evaluate procedures for the creation, design, programming, production and testing of games in a group environment
  • Test, debug, and correct game components to ensure efficient and appropriate game functionality


Students must meet one (1) of the following admission requirements:
  • High school graduation or
  • GED or equivalent or
  • Mature student – Detailed resume outlining experience and qualifications must be submitted.
Semester 1
  • I-Think: The Science of Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communications for Media Studies
  • Digital Graphics Techniques I
  • Programming Essentials
  • Game Design Fundamentals
  • Database Essentials
Semester 2
  • 3D Animation
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Digital Graphics Techniques II
  • Game Engine Fundamentals
  • Mathematics I for Computer Studies
Semester 3
  • Computer Graphics Programming
  • Game Environment Design
  • Game Theory
  • Mathematics for Gaming
Semester 4
  • Advanced Game Programming Techniques
  • Networking for Game Communities
  • Rapid Game Development
  • Character Design
  • Physics for Gaming
Semester 5
  • Writing for the Gaming Industry I
  • Artificial Intelligence for Gaming
  • Game Development Project I
  • Advanced Animation Techniques
  • Mobile Gaming Space
Semester 6
  • Writing for the Gaming Industry II
  • The Business of Gaming
  • Game Development Project II
Or 6th Semester – Video Game Field Placement-16 Weeks
Social Services


Total Fees Payable:

First year- Tuition: $9695.00
Textbooks: $1750.00 plus 5% tax

Second year- Tuition: $5595.00
Textbooks: $1750.00 plus 5% tax

Third year- Tuition: $5595.00
Textbooks: $1750.00 plus 5% tax

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